Top Things to Do in New York City As a Sport Person

There are numerous places to visit in New York, and some of the must-visit include the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, New York Public Library, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and many others. But if you are a sports lover and wish to explore the best in the city then you will need some help with that.

Luckily, I have my friend Emily who is a New York resident and a big fan of Yankees! She sent me a few place suggestions that I will be exploring out in my next NY tour.

Top Things to Do in New York City As a Sport Person

Every city has its own sports history, and if you are a Sports Lover like me then you must not miss on exploring the places!

Top Things to Do in New York City As a Sport Person

The list was long, but I sorted them out and cut them to 7! Up for a baseball tournament?

1. Yankee Stadium

Located in the Concourse neighborhood of the Bronx, this is one of the main attractions of the New York City. It’s the home of the famous baseball team New York Yankees of the Major League Baseball. If you are a baseball lover, then this should be the number one priority for you.

2. National Tennis Center

National Tennis Center

This is the same place where all the US Open Championships are held. The stadium where once the legends like Roger Federer, Serena Williams have held the US Championship trophies high. You could take a tour of the place, or even grab a chance to play on both the indoor as well as outdoor courts.

3. SPiN

One of the cool hangouts for all the¬†ping pong table¬†lovers out there. SPiN is owned by the actress Susan Sarandon and it’s open during the day as well as the night time. There are around 17-18 ping-pong courts in the city, and you could even book a VIP game room to make it all more ravishing!

4. Chelsea Piers

Chelsea Piers is a sports arena, set up on the Hudson River! You can perform different activities ranging from bowling to gymnastics here. They also set a year-round Golf Club with all the simulators for playing. You won’t feel like leaving the place!

5. Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden

This is one among the classics! MSG is a host to a variety of athletic events like hockey, boxing, basketball, and others. While you are planning your visit, there will be some on-going competition at this Square Garden.

6. Manhattan Kayak

Did you know that one can get the best Manhattan view through the waters? No need to take the ferries, instead you could rent a Kayak or a paddleboard as they call it and travel passing through the Statue of Liberty to the Coney Island.

7. CitiBike

If you are a cycling person, then you can visit the CitiBike and join their bike-share program. Hop on the bike, and travel through the streets and explore!

These are my recommendations, which one’s your favorite go-to NY place?