New York is a wonderful place for dogs!!! Do you Agree?

Are you planning to move into New York, and wondering if it will be good for your dog or not? 

To be frank, all the New York people love pets, and also Dogs. So, there is actually no point of worry there. The next step is to find a suitable neighborhood which is neither over-crowded nor noisy in nature. This may take a while, but to make the search quick and easier I have listed 4-5 New York places that will go perfectly fine for all pet owners.

New York is a wonderful place for dogs!!! Do you Agree?

There is so much that New York has to give to the canines! Ranging from ‘planning a comfortable vacation, booking hotels, Dog Events, best dog beds, Social Services working for pet welfare, and many others’!

Now if you are planning to shift to New York, then choosing the right neighborhood is important. This is not only your requirement but also something that’s equally important for your pet’s health. Some of the best places that I came across during my research are listed below:

♠Brooklyn Heights (BH)

If you are a lover of boroughs, then you will simply love this place. The quiet streets, attractive promenade, and the newly designed Hill Dog Park have made BH the most special choice among all.


Next, we have the Williamsburg. It has got many fun places where you can chill out with your fur-buddy. The McCarren Park has kept the sections divided for the small and the large breed dogs. They also organize Annual Dog Halloween celebrations where all the pets come dressed up in their best funny Halloween attires. Totally a dog-place!


You can call Chelsea as the most ideal place for the dogs and the owners. You can come across one or two dog grooming parlors in each street. Also, be considerate on the recommendations for a durable chew proof dog bed to ensure that they have a happy sleep.

♠The East Village

When you are in East Village, you don’t miss on the oldest Dog Run which is conducted here. This dog run has been a tradition since 1990, and it is among the oldest of all the Dog Runs carried out in New York. You will also get to witness the largest dog costume parade in the world, and even the Halloween Puppy Costume Contest with thousand dollars cash-prize for the winners.

♠Park Slope

It’s important to free your dog, and let them be spoilt for a while. That’s exactly what Park Slope does! They organize Dog Runs and also have some amazing parks that come with a unique off-leash hour. The Prospect Park has a beach which is specifically made for the off-leash hours.